Thursday, 5 August 2010

Wednesday 4th August - The new orphanage!

Wednesday was the day of the big national vote! Yes or No to a new constitution. No one was quite sure whether there would be any rioting as there had been at the last vote! As it was a voting day, many places were closed, including the animal orphanage where Alex works so he had a free day!!

And so, I decided to show him how to hand wash his clothes! Which he struggled with slightly... Must get a picture!

Theresia and Joseph, the founders and the 'parents' of the children in the orphanage took us to the site of the new orphanage! Basically, the government had allocated 3 acres to the project and with this, they could start to build their own orphanage in a nice new community. Although there are very few houses around, the community is just starting and it aims to be a really nice place, nicer and safer than Mlolongo, for the children especially. Once the orphanage is finished, they hope to also relocate the school to the grounds and build a church, amongst other things. However they still need to raise over GBP100,000 to finish a building which will house around 300 orphans! It will be fantastic and there will even be running water! No more bucket showers! ([pictures to come)

In the afternoon Alex and I were shown how to make chapattis from scratch. First we rolled the dough into similar sized balls, we then rolled them into larger flat circles, although mine and Alex's were slightly more square.... You then put them on a metal dish, like a frying pan but without a handle. This was on top of a coal stove. You then used your fingers (ouch! hot) to spin it around to stop it sticking! Firstly you did this for 30secs each side without oil. yiou put these to one side and then you did the same to them but for longer and with oil to brown them and make them into chapattis!


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