Monday, 2 August 2010

Monday 2nd August

There was a power cut in the village on Sunday at around 6pm which lasted until the morning! Apparently this is a very frequent occurrence and and it involves a lot of candles! this did, however, mean that Alex and I had a lovely candle lit dinner!

Yesterday morning, Sunday, we woke up and attended the orphange's Sunday Service which is held on the roof! It's the largest space they have and half does have a roof just in case! I really enjoyed the singing parts, they love to sing voer here, but as the service was 95% in Kiswahili, and it lasted from 10am-2pm, it was a bit tiring and got slightly boring for us! We were going to watch the African Athletics final but the service went on longer than we had anticipated so it was too late to go :(.

After the service it was lunch time and we spoke to two of the preachers - Francis and his wife Susan, who offered to show us around Nairobi! Francis spoke English really well and fantastically clearly! We also spoke to the minister and he explained that he was sorry that the service was in Kiswahili but as he was from a french speaking part of Africa, his english was not that good!

After lunch, Alex and I went up to the roof where we got to know some more of the younger children. We played a sort of skittles game with them involving old batteries and a stone each! Some of the names we learnt were: 2 Esters, Blalia, Leah, John, Elizabeth who were between 5-7 years and Helen who was 12.

When we woke up this morning (Monday) there was still no electricity so Alex had to get ready and shave in the dark!! haha! (it was 6am so there wasn't much natural light either!

I was given a Mandazi for breakfast which was yum! It's apparently just flour and water which is fried - must get shown how to make them!

Grace then took me on a tour of the markets in Mlolongo. Food is so cheap here! Nothing costs more than 5p except whole pineapples which are around 40p and enormous watermelons which are around 1.50 for the whole thing - they are bigger than any I've ever seen in England!

I'm now just waiting for Alex to get back, he is quite late so the traffic must be really bad! That's one thing I wasn't expecting in Kenya! Just how bad the traffic is around Nairobi!

Lottie x

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