Thursday, 25 February 2010

I'm going to Florence in April!!

I've tried to refrain on posting this all day but I can't! I'm just so excited.

I'm normally so indecisive, rash decisions like thinking about and booking a holiday all in the same day is completely out of character! But I really feel as though I needed this to lift my spirits because I have been feeling so down as of late. I think it's been a combination of stress, my OH's stress of his important exams, and the horrible weather! But, I feeling so much better, even just thinking about how nice it will be in florence!

The OH and I are flying to Pisa on the 17th April, staying there for a night and exploring Pisa the next day. Then we're travelling by train to Florence where we are staying in a gorgeous 4* hotel!!

I can't wait, I'm so excited by seeing and photographing such a beautiful city!!

What's even better is that at the end of March/Beginning of April I am going to Berlin for five days with the art department of my uni! I have so much to look forward to I just can't sit still!!

Lottie x

#7 of the One a Day Challenge

My beautiful dog Maisie! Can't get enough pictures of her or my other pets!

#6 of the One a Day Challenge

I like photoshop. It relaxes me when I have bad days. This was a lovely day I had with my OH last summer playing crazy golf :).

Lottie x

My work!

Sorry for posting so many pictures, I just want people to see my work from all the different angles!!

I hope you like it and feel free to leave a comment!

Lottie x

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Art Exhibiton at the Glass House

So, I've been quite bad and not posted my One a Day. I do however have a fairly valid reason.

My time has been taken up with the organisation and invigilation of my Group Exhibition 'The Incomplete Jigsaw' along with 4 of my fellow Second Year Art students. The Exhibiton was on for a week and was displayed at the Glass House (Owned by The Herbert Art Gallery) in Coventry.(above is a picture of me along with a few of the other artists. I'm the one on the right and my boyfriend is next to me)

We held our closing party on last Saturday which had a very good turnout I am pleased to say!! Although we only had a couple of weeks to plan and organise everything (and two whole days to arrange my space - I got a bit picky about the walls!), you wouldn't have guessed and I have learnt so much about exhibiting and have lots of ideas for the next time!

I think all that needs to be added to this post are lots of photographs of the party! I shall post pictures of my display in a following post so as not to over load you with pictures!

Three of the pieces are new and have gone towards my 'one a day' but I think I'm going to have a busy few days getting back up to speed!

And here are the pictures I promised you!!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

'Dissecting string and paper 2'

'Dissecting string and paper 2'

My inquiry into latex led me to the sewing machine. I love sewing machines, they are so versatile and they add such interesting marks and forms to my work. The latex was peeled off a found image in an old encyclopedia. I then proceeded to investigate into the qualities of the latex once it was sewn and out of the experiment came this lovely piece which is in a 7"x5" frame, painted a glossy black.

'Stretched Latex 1'

'Stretched Latex 1'

An experimental piece challenging the purpose of latex. The words are from a found book and are 'stuck' to the latex and so when stretched create interesting forms within the words. I was interested in stretching the latex as because it resembles skin, I was intrigued by what the reactions the stretching would have. The piece is stretched on a painted 6"x4" wooden frame.

(apologies for the bad pictures, I have limited lighting in my room at present)

'Dissecting String and Paper 1'

'Dissecting String and Paper 1'

This piece consists of found words, string and thread and is held in a 6"x4" wooden frame. This piece is about understanding the movements and investigating their individual qualities.

A picture of myself taken last summer which I love because it represents me completely.

I'm not sure what has hit me today, but I have actually managed to start 8 pieces of work!! Yes you heard me.... 8! Some of which are finished, but I haven't any photos as yet, so my one a day will have to be posted later. I am pleased with how I'm progressing and I hope that you will enjoy the pieces too.

Lottie x

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The book as a sculpture.

Second Year Fine Art.

'National Decimal Reckoner'

This piece is about the exploration of everyday objects being transformed into sculptural fine art pieces. The columns of numbers represent the constant of money in our everyday lives, following us around everyday, even coming to us within our art.

Throughout this term's project I am looking to start the process of change within objects I find that have been discarded and are seen as redundant. I aim to deconstruct and construct around them, investigating their qualities and ideas.

Day 1 of the one a day challenge

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The little things in life

for other people, are for me, the things which I desire the most. My artwork is, perhaps to some, a mismatch of small curiosities. I create artwork from found, discarded and abandoned items, things which people no longer have a use for. These bits and pieces are those which have overstayed their welcome in people's lives. I suppose I'm quite odd really. I jump up and down when I find a battered and torn old book, I can't stop my mind whirling with ideas on how to make it into that special piece of artwork for someone.

This blog is going to be a posting of all the things which I love to create and share with everyone. Please feel free to comment! I love comments, and please do crit my work, but don't be too nasty!

Hi I'm Lottie and welcome to my cabinet of curiosities.