Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Petting baby Elephants! Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th

Busy Busy weekend!!

We decided that on Saturday we would meet up with a family friend of Alex's, also called Alex, who lives in Nairobi. Alex M (I will call him) originally comes from Kisii which is on the west side of Kenya, by Lake Victoria. He then came to England to study at University. Since coming back to Kenya, two years ago, he has been living in a hotel type place as he apparently does not want to cook for himself or wash his clothes! Men are apparently the same everywhere in the world...

So we set out to Nairobi at about 10am and wandered into the city amrket, as it was Alex's first type into this type of market he was shocked at the way the men hassled you to buy things!! I did actually buy a large painting of the massai for 2000shillings - 16GBP ish, managed to get the guy down from 15000ksh, 120GBP!!

They Alex M picked us up in his car and took us to his hotel where we had a biffet lunch (everywhere we've been to in Kenya prefers a buffet style to a menu). We then went for a walk around the area his hotel is in, sat in a lovely grass area called Central Park. We then went for a cup of ginger tea (ginger = tangawizi) in a 5* hotel. We sat aroudn a pool and ate some delicious samosas - it was really lovely!

He then took us back to his for dinner, he wouldn't take no for an answer! even though we had dinner waiting for us back at the orphanage!! He ended up driving us all the way back to Mlolongo as it was very dark and too late for us to really safely have caught a matatu.

On sunday we got up early and although we were going to go to Nairobi Museum first, we realised that the orphan elephant sanctuary was only open for 1 hour a day 11-noon! so we quickly changed our plans and headed off to the Ele sanctuary. We guessed which Matatu to get on and whilst on it, even the driver didn't know where this place was! Luckily a passenger told us that we were on the right matatu and we eventually saw a signpost.

One thing that the guidebook didn't tell us, however, was that the palce was in Nairobi National Park and as the guard for the park told us, it's evry dnagerous to walk in there and even if you did risk it, it would take to long to walk it! Luckily about 5minutes later a taxi appeared out of the park and offered to drive us to the orphanage!

When we arrived there were a lot of tourists! I had not seen so many since I got to kenya, I think they all stay hidden in the hotels and on tour busses! Luckily we got there at 11.05 so we had plenty of time and I got to take hundreds of pictures of the cuties and got to stroke a couple!! The landscape itself was beautiful and all you could see for miles was the park!

Next we got back on a matatu to Nairobi where we met Alex M, had some luch and he dropped us off at the museum. It was 800ksh each which we felt, once we had been round, was a tad pricy for a fairly small place. It was interesting nonetheless and we learnt some interesting things about Kenyan history. There was a snake farm in the grounds but it was an extra 800ksh each which we felt was a rip off as it didn't look that great!

We grabbed a cold drink at Alex M's and then grabbed a matatu back to Mlolongo! phew! Very busy weekend and quite tiring but it was fanatastic!

Lottie x

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