Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The little things in life

for other people, are for me, the things which I desire the most. My artwork is, perhaps to some, a mismatch of small curiosities. I create artwork from found, discarded and abandoned items, things which people no longer have a use for. These bits and pieces are those which have overstayed their welcome in people's lives. I suppose I'm quite odd really. I jump up and down when I find a battered and torn old book, I can't stop my mind whirling with ideas on how to make it into that special piece of artwork for someone.

This blog is going to be a posting of all the things which I love to create and share with everyone. Please feel free to comment! I love comments, and please do crit my work, but don't be too nasty!

Hi I'm Lottie and welcome to my cabinet of curiosities.

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