Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Art Exhibiton at the Glass House

So, I've been quite bad and not posted my One a Day. I do however have a fairly valid reason.

My time has been taken up with the organisation and invigilation of my Group Exhibition 'The Incomplete Jigsaw' along with 4 of my fellow Second Year Art students. The Exhibiton was on for a week and was displayed at the Glass House (Owned by The Herbert Art Gallery) in Coventry.(above is a picture of me along with a few of the other artists. I'm the one on the right and my boyfriend is next to me)

We held our closing party on last Saturday which had a very good turnout I am pleased to say!! Although we only had a couple of weeks to plan and organise everything (and two whole days to arrange my space - I got a bit picky about the walls!), you wouldn't have guessed and I have learnt so much about exhibiting and have lots of ideas for the next time!

I think all that needs to be added to this post are lots of photographs of the party! I shall post pictures of my display in a following post so as not to over load you with pictures!

Three of the pieces are new and have gone towards my 'one a day' but I think I'm going to have a busy few days getting back up to speed!

And here are the pictures I promised you!!!

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