Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The book as a sculpture.

Second Year Fine Art.

'National Decimal Reckoner'

This piece is about the exploration of everyday objects being transformed into sculptural fine art pieces. The columns of numbers represent the constant of money in our everyday lives, following us around everyday, even coming to us within our art.

Throughout this term's project I am looking to start the process of change within objects I find that have been discarded and are seen as redundant. I aim to deconstruct and construct around them, investigating their qualities and ideas.

Day 1 of the one a day challenge


  1. I like the visual representation of this piece. I find it aesthetically pleasing without being too arty pompous! (I'm a Fine Art Graduate myself - so I understand a little where you're coming from with the archive/cabinet of.. concept). Cheers, Marie x

  2. A very clever and visually stunning piece, I love it.