Monday, 26 July 2010

My absence!

I haven't posted on here in a long long time! Mostly because although University had finished for the year I still had lots and lots of other exciting things going on!
In the last 6months I have joined a Cub Pack and from September will be the groups new Akela! (Cub Scout Leader) which is fantastic news but also a bit scary! It also means I have lots of modules to complete over the next couple of years alongside university so I will be busy busy!

I have also decided to apply in September for a Primary PGCE starting in September 2011! In order to stand a chance of getting a place as it is a very competitive course I needed some Work Experience! I managed to get 2 weeks at Alex's Primary School, Radford Semele and absolutely loved it! I had so much fun!

Finally but most excitingly tomorrow I embark on a 6 week trip to Kenya with Alex! This is the main reason I have gone back to my blog, I wanted an easy way to keep everyone back home up to date with my experiences and what I am up to on a day to day basis!

For the first month I will be living in an Orphanage (Heritage of Hope and Faith Children's Rehabilitation Centre). For the first week I will be helping in the School and then once it closes for the holidays I will be helping the children with their homework, revision and playing games and introducing them to new and exciting ideas! Alex will be staying with me but during the day he will be working with the KWS (Kenyan Wildlife Society) at the nearby Animal Orphanage!! I am sure I will be quite jealous of some of the things he gets up to!

Right well I best get lots of sleep as 2 long flights are ahead of me!

Lottie x

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